Boiler House Maintenance

Providing boiler house maintenance throughout Yorkshire and the UK

Gas Elect Ltd offer a comprehensive Boiler House Maintenance Package from the service/repair of a commercial boiler to a leaking pipe or pump mechanical seal.

Annual service visits can be programmed in by us to ensure both cost efficiency to the customer and longevity of boilers and associated plant.

As part of the service, all boilers are fully stripped down and cleaned (as per manufacturer’s instructions), combustion is re-commissioned with the reading printed out and attached to the appliance, as well as a gas safety check and certification, if required, upon completion of maintenance.


Boiler during service and inspection.


Boiler assembled following service and inspection.

Boiler assembled following service and inspection.

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Installation, service and repair of all types of commercial heating boiler (above 70Kw), fuelled by natural gas and LPG. From pressure jet single stage and high low and atmospheric boilers up to contemporary pre-mix high efficiency condensing boilers.

Remeha Quinta Pro Condensing Boiler

Remeha Quinta Pro Condensing Boiler


Water Heaters

Installation, service and repair of water storage heaters from indirect and direct-fired water heaters to atmospheric and pre-mix modular heaters, supplying domestic hot water needs.

Andrew's Water Heaters

Andrew’s Water Heaters


Air Heaters

Installation, service and repair of commercial direct and indirect fired heaters and air handling units, floor and wall mounted and roof suspended units. Used primarily in large areas with clean atmospherics, such as industrial units.

Powrmatic Warm Air Heater

Powrmatic Warm Air Heater


Radiant Tube/Plaque Heaters

Installation, service and repair of both direct and indirect-fired ceiling and wall mounted radiant tube and plaque heaters. Popular in sports halls and factories, these heaters provide the best solution to ensuring maximum floor space whilst providing comfortable and manageable heating for users via timed and temperature controls.

Ambirad Radiant Tube Heater

Ambirad Radiant Tube Heater

Air Handling Units

Supply Air and Extract Air Handling Units with heater batteries can be serviced and checked and replacement parts supplied (panel filters) and fitted as and when required.


Install, replace and repair all types and sizes of heating and domestic hot water pumps, including 3-phase and single phase from glanded pumps to high efficiency inverter driven ERP ready pumps.


Install, service and repair valves from 3-port mixing/diverting and 2-port control valves to mechanical thermostatic valves.


Service and repair of control equipment including modification of heating panels and fault finding of existing control problems and associated wiring.

Gas Tightness Testing and Purging

Qualified to carry out tightness testing and purging of installation pipework up to 150mm (6”) and 1m3 of gas volume (IGE/UP/1A).